How to Get a Tivimate Premium Account for FREE On PC | Lifetime Subscription !

 TiviMate Premium is like a special website that lets you watch lots of different shows and movies. You can even record shows to watch later! You can use it on different devices like phones, tablets, and TVs. It has lots of different shows and movies to choose from, so you'll always have something fun to watch. TiviMate Premium is really easy to use and a great choice if you want to watch lots of TV shows and movies. TiviMate Premium is a really cool app that lets you watch live TV on your device. You can get a TiviMate Premium Account easily and it's really fun to use. You can find lots of shows and movies to watch with it. TiviMate makes sure you never get bored. Today we make sure you download TiviMate Premium For Free and start having fun!

Tivimate Premium Account
Tivimate Premium Account

TiviMate Premium Account Features

  1. Tivimate has an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) feature that allows users to easily navigate and choose TV channels. With EPG, you can browse program schedules and select the channels that interest you.
  2. Tivimate allows users to watch multiple channels on multiple screens at the same time, making it convenient for sports fans who want to watch multiple games at once.
  3. Tivimate allows you to save and watch your favorite TV shows and movies at a time that suits you. It also allows you to schedule recordings for upcoming shows.
  4. Tivimate offers a customizable interface that allows users to personalize the app's appearance by changing the color scheme, background image, and font size to suit their preferences.
  5. Tivimate offers a parental control feature that allows parents to limit their children's access to certain channels or programs. This feature is useful for parents who want to restrict their kids' viewing options.

How to Install TiviMate Premium  on PC Without Emulator !

When you install TiviMate on your computer, it can help you in different ways. First, you can watch your IPTV shows on a bigger screen, which makes it more comfortable to see. Installing it on your computer also lets you use better and more powerful parts, like fast processors and special graphics cards, which makes your streaming experience even better.

Technical details

  • File Name: en.Tivimate-Premium-v1.exe
  • Version: (Release Date Dec 14, 2022)
  • Size: 23Mb
  • Developed By: Tivimate Inc
  • Minimum Operating System: Windows 7

download TiviMate Premium in 5 seconds.

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